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What is the importance of knowing business finance?

Start a Business

Having a business is one of the most exciting & tiring things but if you have a reliable source like Taxudyog, things will not be as hard. There is more than one way of how you like to approach your business, the time and money you want to invest, and the people you want to cater to. There are also different ways of doing business with each of them having its pros and cons
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership Company
  • One Person Company
  • LLP Registration
  • Private Limited Company

Confused & thinking, Is sole proprietorship and self-employed the same?

It is a type of business that is owned and controlled by a single person

What is the difference between a company and a partnership company?

When two or more people indulge in business to share their resources to form a business and share profits, losses, and risks

Are sole proprietorship and one-person company the same thing?

In a one-person company, one person has the full authority over the whole company but person and company are two different legal entity whereas in a sole proprietorship, the business risk is handled by the owner only

What does LLP stand for?

It is a limited liability partnership where the liability of each partner is limited

What are the benefits of a private limited company?

It is the type of company whose shares are not available to the public and its benefit are that it is separate legal entity and has limited liability


The work of the compliances is to make sure that the financial matters of the organization or company are handled according to the given rules and regulations. It is extremely important for a company to work in accordance with the laws otherwise there will be consequences that a company might not want to face. At Taxudyog, we help you build your business by making sure all the rules and regulations are met.
  • Accounting and Book-keeping
  • Liquidation of Company
  • RoC filing

What is the difference between accounting and book-keeping?

Recording and maintaining financial data in the course of your business

What is a liquidation process?

Bringing the business to its end is called liquidation of a company

Why is RoC filled?

RoC is the registration of the company. All the important people associated with the company are also being registered here.

Value Added services

We provide value added services that holds some value for the client in some way or the other. Some of the common value added services are maximisation of profit, tax planning, development of business, etc
Services that comes under value added services are:-
  • Project Report & Business Finance
  • Virtual CFO
  • Valuation

What is the importance of knowing business finance?

Business finance is the funds available to the business owner to meet the requirements of doing it’s business

What does a virtual CFO do?

It is a new concept where small businesses get CFO support through business experts without hiring an in-house CFO

How to calculate equity value?

Investors use all the tools and techniques to find a firm’s actual value

Tax Return

A tax return is a form that has been filled with the tax authority with the aim to report your tax information that includes your income, expenses and other tax related things. It is a document that allows all those who pay taxes to schedule their tax payments, calculate the tax liability and request refund if they have overpaid the taxes. Taxudyog helps you with all these services
  • Income Tax & TDS Return Filing
  • GST Return Filing

How to check the TDS amount?

The income tax is the tax paid on the annual income of an individual and TDS is something that is deducted from the salary

How to file GST returns?

All the businesses that are registered have to file GST returns with tax administrative authorities. GST return is a document that contains all the details of income/ sales/ expense or purchase.

Tax & Statutory Registration

Statutory registration is the records about a company’s shareholders, directors, team of board members. It also mentions all the meeting that is being held. The statutory records includes register of members, register of directors, register of secretaries, register of directors’ usual residential addresses and more such data. Tax Udyog helps you maintain such data. Services that comes under Tax & Statutory registration are:
  • GST registration
  • 80G & 12A
  • Startup Registration
  • Copyright and Trademark
  • MSME Registration
  • IEC Code

What is the cost of GST Registration?

In 2017 Government Introduced the new taxation system for businesses. Goods and Service Tax, says that any business that has an income of more than 40 lakhs and above must register for GST

What are 80G and 12A?

80G & 12A comes under the Income-tax Act, by registering under these income tax acts NGO’s (society or trust) can get the benefits of income tax exemptions

Does a startup need to be registered?

It is the process of registering your new business according to Indian laws & Income tax laws to avail benefits of the tax deduction scheme offered to new startups by the Indian Government

What are Copyright and trademarks?

These are intellectual property rights protected under Copyright Act, 1957 and Trademark Act, 1999

What are MSME & the documents required for MSME registration?

Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises are classified as MSME. Government helps MSMEs to get bank loans, Subsidy on Patent Registration, Industrial Promotion Subsidy Eligibility, etc. schemes

How do I find my company’s IEC Code?

It is an importer-exporter code used for business identification that is mandatory for import and export. To find your company’s IEC Code, you must visit the Regional Authority of Directorate General Foreign Trade.

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